Our solutions for agriculture make the workday easier

The typical livestock building environment is very harsh and demanding. We have therefore developed a special polyurea which makes the workday much easier. Our polyurea may be sprayed onto the pens or stalls of livestock buildings and thus provides an insulating flooring which protects the livestock from injuries and is also very easy to clean.

Polyurea is the best choice - for the livestock and the farmer. 

Our polyurea is not only the best solution for the livestock but is also the best solution for the farmer. The animals are better protected, and the costs of heating and repairs are reduced, and cleaning is easier. 


Polyurea in both new and existing livestock buildings

Polyurea in new livestock buildings

If you are building a new farm, polyurea floors in the livestock buildings are the obvious choice. Our polyurea is the optimum flooring which saves you an incredible amount of time and trouble. In addition, the livestock is given optimum conditions and avoid injuries. 

Polyurea in existing livestock buildings

Do you have a livestock building with cracked flooring which causes trouble in the workday? Then we can fix it for you. It is possible to apply polyurethane, even with fitting in place. This is because we spray on our polyurea which thus penetrates even the smallest perforations. The process takes very little time which means that the livestock is barred from accessing the livestock building for a limited period of time. 

Advantages of polyurea flooring in livestock buildings

The advantages of our specially-developed agricultural polyurea are many. Our specially-developed polyurea improves the lives of both livestock and farmers. 

These are the greatest advantages:

  • Extremely durable
  • Insulates against heat and cold
  • Prevents injuries to livestock
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to apply
  • Cheap compared to other material

We have a business partner who specialize in polyurethane jobs

Should you, as a customer, need to do a task in polyurethane, then we have business partners who can do the job for you. This means you do not have to invest in a large spraying plant. United Foam is the safe choice if you need a company that can lead you safely throughout the process. We are with you from idea to completed task.

Does your livestock building need new flooring?

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