A new floor? Consider using polyurethane

Is your company looking for flooring which will be able to cope with a harsh environment? Then you should consider polyurethane flooring. It is an incredibly durable and flexible material which is ideal for use as flooring for example in manufacturing companies. Learn more about the material here.

An alternative to epoxy flooring

The appearance of a polyurethane floor resembles that of an epoxy floor; however, unlike epoxy, polyurethane will not crack. Moreover, polyurethane is highly chemical-resistant. In other words, you have a floor that looks like epoxy flooring but is even more durable.


More advantages to polyurethane flooring

Extremely easy to apply

The application of polyurethane flooring itself is quite easy and may be done by a single individual. If you want polyurethane flooring, we have a collaborative partner who may handle the task for you. Our collaborative partner performs tasks but also leases equipment and advice you in the process. 

You decide the look

If you opt for polyurethane flooring, you may choose from a plethora of different colour combinations and surface structures. This means that you not only get a floor that has all the necessary features but also the freedom to choose the finished look.

This is where others use polyurethane flooring

The durability and flexibility of polyurethane makes it suitable for flooring in production areas, warehouses, changing rooms, workshops, garages, gate crossings, loading ramps and many other places.

This is where you most often find polyurethane flooring:

  • Construction companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Warehouse and logistics companies
  • Larger craftman’s businesses
  • Food companies
  • Agriculture

We have a business partner who specialize in polyurethane jobs

Should you, as a customer, need to do a task in polyurethane, then we have business partners who can do the job for you. This means you do not have to invest in a large spraying plant. United Foam is the safe choice if you need a company that can lead you safely throughout the process. We are with you from idea to completed task.

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