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If you have a good idea, we may be able to help you putting it into practice. There are a plethora of possible uses for polyurethane.

You have the ideas. We have the experience

Our many years of experience with PUR foam, polyurea and elastomer means that we can offer you competent advice whatever challenge you are facing. 


Examples of special solutions

Table tops for outdoor use

To make a set of garden furniture more durable and easier to maintain for one of our customers, we created a special surface for it by spraying it with polyurea. This means that it can be left out for longer without becoming worn and while still looking nice.

Extra-durable concrete pipes

To extend the life of a number of sewer pipes we sprayed them with polyurea. This improved their ability to withstand wear and also made the sewer pipes resistant to chemicals and vapours to which they are exposed.

What can we do for you?

We often help customers in innovative industries, small construction businesses, leisure-time inventors and the like. Our experience means that we are always able to focus on your requirements and help your project across the finish line. 

We are also able to assist if you are looking for PUR foam of a specific harness or a polyurethane product of a specific colour.

We have a business partner who specialize in polyurethane jobs

Should you, as a customer, need to do a task in polyurethane, then we have business partners who can do the job for you. This means you do not have to invest in a large spraying plant. United Foam is the safe choice if you need a company that can lead you safely throughout the process. We are with you from idea to completed task.

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