PUR foam

PUR foam is one of the most efficient insulation materials on the market and may be used for everything from insulation of district heating pipes to mattresses and cushions in the furniture industry. Learn more about PUR foam here.

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An insulation material with many applications

If you need an efficient insulation material which is easy to handle, PUR foam is a good choice. PUR foam is suited for most insulation purposes. We would be happy to provide guidance and advice based on technical know-how and many years of experience.

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Advantages of PUR foam

PUR foam is a material with many advantages in terms of insulation. Below, we set out the four best reasons for choosing PUR foam.

Highly insulating

PUR foam from United Foam is characterised by its extreme  heat and cold insulating properties which make it idea for insulation in demanding environments


Compared to other insulation materials, PUR foam is extremely light which is a marked advantage in connection with most jobs

Adds stability

PUR foam is an incredibly durable material with high stability and if you need these qualities, PUR foam from United Foam is the solution you are looking for

Easy to handle

Our chemical engineer can tailor PUR foam to the customer’s requirements. This combined with many years of experience and application-technical know-how means that the customer can receive guidance on how to handle the material

Different types of PUR foam

What do you need your PUR foam for? We deliver PUR foam for filling, spraying or pouring – depending on the purpose.

Filler foam

Filler foam is characterised by a longer setting time. This makes is the obvious choice for insulating cavities as the foam has time to fill the cavity before setting.

Spray foam

The spray foam is characterised by its quick reaction time which means that it sets very quickly. This makes it perfectly suited for the insulation of walls and ceilings. 

Bottled foam

Bottled foam is also characterised by its quick reaction time, but the bottled foam provides you with the option of ordering smaller quantities. Is often used for insulating district heating pipes.

Why choose us as your PUR foam supplier?

As one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of PUR foam, there are many reasons for choosing us. We set out but a few below.

Participate in the process

United Foam keep close contact with our customers throughout the process. We compound small quantities and adjust the processes to ensure that the finished product fulfils your requirements.

Products based on technical know-how

Our many years of experience and technical knowledge means that we can clarify your requirements and provide tailored solutions which solve your specific challenges.

Guidance on compounding and use of machines

We not only manufacture the material to be used by you. We are also happy to provide guidance on the compounding and use of machines. 

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